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Our patients include young and old, those with diabetes, arthritis, ingrown toenails, callus removal, cracked heels, verruca and mobility problems, as well as those who just love to have their feet pampered.
An initial new patient registration payment of £10 is payable on booking. 

Free parking and disabled access available.

Initial registration


A new patient registration and foot assessment fee of £10.

This is an initial appointment for all new patients, allowing time to register patient’s details, discuss medical history, medications and allergies. This is an appointment solely for you, so please be on time but arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before an appointment.

Your feet will be examined, your concerns discussed, we will give you our diagnosis and follow-on treatments will be advised or completed.

Simple cut and file


Not just a ' simple cut and file' - this appointment is for people on the go or having difficulty reaching their feet. This is a quick service but during every appointment, I will be examining your feet for signs of Peripheral Neuropathy, indications of underlying illnesses, or undiagnosed diabetes, damage from footwear, any fungal infections that may need treatment, reasons for callus and fissures and many other health concerns you may not even know you have.


Performed to the highest standards of hygiene and sterilisation.


This appointment is only available after the longer initial appointment including foot health assessment has been attended.

Routine footcare treatments

£38 to £45

Maintenance treatment is recommended to provide regular, routine care, and necessary regular health checks, ideally suited for diabetic patients, problematic, immobile or vulnerable feet, ensuring overall foot health is promoted.


Based on your individual foot related issues, any of the following treatments can be addressed according to the most urgent; NAILS TRIMMED, FILED AND BURRED:

* Regular examinations for overall foot, nail and tissue viability
* Relevant foot medicaments used
* Reduction of thickened nails
* Callus reduced
* Corns enucleated
* Dressings applied
* Footwear advice


If several ongoing foot problems need addressing, or orthotics and dressings are required, the appointment can be extended if necessary, as an add-on, at an extra charge.

Verucca treatment plan


Application, paring and off-loading treatment for verucca enculation. Eradication of the verruca, using a novel topical solution.


High success rates! These appointments involve veruccae treatments only, there will be dressings involved.


Average applications 4-6 treatments, but stubborn or multiple veruccae and sluggish immunity can slow progress.

Toenail reconstruction

from £60

A simple and painless procedure replacing missing or damaged toenails, with the application of multiple layers of PediSafe gel to the damaged nail/portion of the nail bed.


UV light is focused to harden the gel, providing an attractive cosmetic result.

Ideal for fungal and partial nail replacement.

  • Initial consultation and preparation of the nail £35

  • 1 x Hallux nail (big toe) £25

  • 2 x Hallux nails £45

Fungal nail treatment


Using the Lacuna Method, which is a pain-free, safe treatment that works using specially designed micro burrs to make micro fenestration in the nail plate. This enables an anti-fungal solution to reach the point of infection directly under the nail, resulting in the quickest way to resolve fungal nail infection.

This is a course of treatments every 6 weeks. Minimum of 4 treatments required (payable in advance). This is an add-on treatment to an appointment.

Plantar Fasciitis treatment plan

£180 for 6 treatments

Advice and treatments with 6 x 30 minute sessions of manual muscle and tendon manipulation, incorporating stretching, reflexology principles and temperature treatments, aimed at relieving inflammation and pain in the heels caused by Plantar Fasciitis.

The course of 6 treatments (£180), must be paid and booked in advance.



Get your feet ready for that special occasion and in tip top condition. This luxurious pampering treatment is perfect for those who have dry skin and cracked heels, or for feet that have been hiding away all winter, providing the ultimate foot, nail and skin treatment in preparation for those summer sandals!

Commencing with a foot assessment and a pedicure, with small areas of callus and small corns removed, followed by a skin buff and nail preparation. An application of  oil, hot paraffin wax layered onto feet and covered in warm booties.


Foot and leg massages with soothing hydrating creams are followed by a choice of Dr Remedy's anti-fungal nail polish or gel.

Warm wax therapy treatment


Upgrade any of our foot care services with a therapeutic warm wax therapy treatment, for sheer indulgence or health benefits. Paraffin wax heat therapy increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin while providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints.


This treatment is particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain, stiff joints, eczema, chilblains, scar tissue, sports injuries and inflammation.


Vitamin rich oils are massaged onto feet, then hot paraffin wax applied, the feet are covered in booties, followed by an application of a soft milk, honey and avocado vitamin-rich foot cream.

Home visits available


Unable to get into the clinic? Not a problem, our friendly experienced staff will visit you in the comfort of your own surroundings. All types of footcare provided for men and women. All PPE is worn and the uttermost care and attention is displayed at all times to your safety and care.

£5 extra for fingernails and £10 for toenail painting, if desired.

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Get in touch to book an appointment or with any questions.

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