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Our Aesthetics Clinics are run by Chrystianna Filis, who is MD of Harley Cosmetic London and has over 16 years experience in advanced aesthetics. She has worked with some of London's best surgeons and is setting up her own aesthetics training academy. Her clinics with us are usually on a Monday, during the day. 

Call us on 01255 821986 to choose the time that suits you at our next clinic, on 
Monday, 25 September. If you would like a video consultation prior to your appointment, please let us know.

A deposit of £20 is payable on booking an aesthetics appointment, which is deducted from your treatment bill.

Anti-wrinkle (botox) injections


One area: £199

Two areas: £250

Three areas: £300

Four areas: £350


One area: £250

Two areas: £300

Three areas: £350

Four areas: £400

Dermal fillers

1 ml treatment

Lips - £300

Cheeks - £450

Chin - £450

Jawline - £450

Nasal folds - £450

Marionette lines - £450

Tear trough - £450

Non-surgical rhinoplasty


Fat dissolving injections, from £290

A free video consultation to discuss your concerns is available, where pricing and results will be discussed.

Body fat dissolving injections to target stubborn areas.


Dissolve areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to diets and exercise.


Areas that can be treated are chin, jawline, saddle bags, inner thighs, belly pouch, love  handles, inner and outer thighs, lower buttocks and knees.

All photos are of Chrystianna's clients. Discover the benefits of Morpheus8, fat dissolving injections, Profhilo and more - read the beauty blogs here For further info on the advanced aesthetics treatments she offers, as well as case studies and testimonials, visit Harley Cosmetic London.


Call, email or complete our contact form and we will get back to you asap.

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